Assalamualaikum wbt and hello there.
“I want to be experts doing all the things that I love, 
so when I get sick, I can still create a masterpiece.”

25 | Muslimah | Sabah, MY

Hello earthlings, you may call me Eyqa.  I write a lot about bookish things, lifestyle and mostly random things about earth people and how they behave. I prefer to use my own photography which I photograph it myself and if its not I’ll link the source.

I love to interact with my reader and if you ever read this please know you have a very special place both in my mind and my heart.

In spite of my virtual life that you already know, in real life I am a member of Board of Directors at Borneo T-Shirt Empire Holding, currently involving myself in critical thinking in managing one of its branch. Basically we are just those people behind t-shirt printing services.

I have a huge passion as a bibliophile duhh I read like 100 pages a day for that and as a photographer, I love to share my creativity on Instagram, please have a visit on @thehundredpages for my bookstagram life.

Imma a noob when it comes to codes, thus I have a professional programmer to help me with. I would like to thanks  personally Mr Hamzah Jamad for being the backbone for all the coding-related things in my blog. You may found his blog with tons of coding technology tips and information. ^^

Nevertheless, please enjoy your stay and if you have any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact me through email eyqazq[a]