3 Kind of Book Plot Theme Thats Gonna Be Your Next Obsession

Every person have their own preference when it comes to book. Some are very strict in picking their reading material and the rest will just go with the flow. Some books can be a very delightful reading while others can bring so much disappointment.

I also, happen to be a little bit picky when it comes to book, we all want that ‘happy ending’ right? But that is my friend, the fascinating truth about book, the story can be uncover only and only if you read the book itself. Full of surprises isnt it? How exciting :3

Some plot can be so predictable, but the true heroes here is always the unpredictable. The one that can glued you down all night burning the curiosity out of your mind, screaming inside out ‘I want more of this!’, you are addicted, you are obsessed, and that is where you have finally found the book of your live. Ever wonder why you are not a bookworm yet? Thats right, you havent found the right book that can be taunt with.

I have experience certain kind of books and some of it were really remarkable in term of plots construction, they deserve all the shout out for the writings and emotion that had been pour inside. So then, let see which of this book plot types will fall into your own cup of tea;

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Book Review | Little Basket 2017(New Malaysian Writing)

Hello there everyone, may you have a wonderful day cause I have, Amiin. I was into this book since I first saw it in the bookstore. I was not a fan of Fixi novel cause I have a skeptical view about it, the kind of stories they serve etc but I was thinking if I spend too much just by hearing what other had said about the book without ACTUALLY READING it so my judgement cant be trusted. Besides, I havent met any review regarding Fixi novel was except the skeptical-that-had-been-dnf by some of my friends.

So here I am making a review, a honest review on what was this book about.

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4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life But I’ll Tell You Anyway

Have you ever have this inner thought but it was just too dumb to tell people about it because you feel you gonna be the dumbest person ever exist in the world? I constantly feels that but if today is the dumbest day ever, I would like to be dumbest as well, just for fun and relaxing my mind a bit from all the hustle bustle of daily work.

4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life but I’ll tell you anyway

1. I respect those blogger who loves their reader. I meant its was not always about clicking nuffnang or pay their reader a visit. but to acknowledge their present and always support each other entries.

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5 Books I’ve Read That Should Be Labelled 18+


ACOTAR & ACOMAF, Six of Crows Duology, Carry On, The Silkworm & Flawed

I realise I havent completely honest on my review. Okay guys, lets be prompt and kind of serious here. You all must notice that I have huge collection of yummilicious books that I’ve been raving along my post telling people how much I love the plots and the authors. But guys, here’s the ugly truth. I’ve not been telling you the entire true about what that book shall be about. What am trying to say is, if you are the kind of people who are sensitive with some issues then here are the list that you should have known before reading the book that I have recommend.

Note : I am a girl who love to read what others had recommended, and also most of my reference was from other side of the country, so the sensitivity does not been elaborate so much hence I’ve been reading the book without knowing whats its all about (plot hunter does not like the spoiler), but as a dedicated blogger towards all my reader that varies from 15-30 y/o girls then I find the need to address this sensitive issues.  View Full Post “5 Books I’ve Read That Should Be Labelled 18+”

Why Books Way So Much Better Than The Movie Version?


I’ve been reading The Maze Runner Trilogy in coming out with the title. Teehee. I love the books version way much more, and also liking the concept of the Maze Runner movie (means Imma kinda love both). To be thinking of it actually the movie was way too different from the book. Im saying this not just because I’m a reader or a girl who like reading (like a huuugeee fan of reading), am saying this also because what I see and what I get on books was far more detailed than the movie was. View Full Post “Why Books Way So Much Better Than The Movie Version?”