3 Books That Help to Heal Through Hard Times

I always wanted to tell a story and I do enjoy reading some zero to hero story because it always left us with rays of hope. And nonfiction always is my slow reading materials, I got this book like a few months back and at my hard time, this book was actually lifting whatever hopes left inside me. Let me show you some of the powerful words :

Book Review : The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

I always looked up onto Choo’s writing about strong girl character, you may read my review on her first book (The Ghost Bride – here), did you know it will be 6 episodes adaptation of this novel coming on Netflix this year? Im all head over hills into it. Back to this review, you sees, as a woman/girl we do have many limitations as fragile as we are. But deep inside, there always something blossoming about being a girl, and…

What It Felt to be Leaving 2018?

“Dr, I really thought you’ll say that I have like less than three months to live..” “Ha ha ha, there is still a long way to go..” And then I smile, yes indeed, there is a long way to go… Last two days, I experienced a real pain on my chest. I have a very sleepless night, I cant move so much and the only position that my chest will be less in pain is when I lay down on…

Welcome Into Bookish World

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