Obsessed With Books

I’m obsessed with books. Yeah. Everytime I visit bookstore, I’ll bought at least one book. Tapi membaca dia, hurmm payah betul. *poker face. Not that kind of novel genre cinta, but mostly about thriller and how to improve self esteem kind of book.

But why? Why do I brought so much book but don’t have the will to finish reading it?

Well today, I found the reason why. This evening, me re~watch one movie from the past where I missed the beginning slots of the movies (ahh the real reason why I watch it back) entitled Pan’s Labyrinth. Do you ever watch it? Meheheh.

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The Month of My Reading Slump

Hello there, have a nice day my fellow readers. First, lemme check my Goodreads report for this month. Oh uh, nope. I dont have any read books. Ha ha ha. So whats up with me? The so called book blogger do not read anything – here the catch – I’m basically on a book holiday. Lols. Its mean reading slump. But…

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My May Read Books In Six Words.

I’ve been thinking if Im gonna put the whole wrap up about all the books that I’ve read its gonna be a long post. So this is an idea inspires by Aria’s post about describing her 5 rates books in six words.

Its not like I’m out of words or whatever, but I guess it is my time to unleash my creativity, who knows that one day I may be the #1 author in Malaysia. Ameen and hahaha.

1. Fragile by Syira Lokman

Chicken soup for the fragile heart.

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Book Review of The History of Hilary Hambrushina by Mernie Lamb | Worth The Second Chance For A DNF Book


Publisher : Iguana Books | Author : Marnie Lamb | Goodreads Summary | Genre: Young Adult Contemporary | E book Format got from NetGalley | 193 Pages | English | Rating : ★★★★★

Wait, let me rearrange this words (on my mind) to explain this book that made me rates them 5/5 star.

Well, it has a moral value (checked),

it was real as intimate in real life (checked)

and IT MADE ME CRY AND WANT TO SWALLOW IT (super checked!)

I was actually DNF the book after reading like first 10 chapters because it was too childish and so naive, it does not meet my expectation in curiosity or even thrilling along the way. But then, this one night I was so bored and decide to give this particular book a second chance by reckon on how Mernie writes this book, it was supposed to be a light reading… but then..


The process was just so beautifully twisted and now I love every bit of it!

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The Worst Customer is Your Best Friends

Sometimes in the middle of pressure people do bad decision.

Its the fourth day of Ramadhan and thanks to our head of organization announcing four day holiday till 30 of May. So I am at my own home enjoy my leisure time with books.

Yesterday I manage myself with a yummilicious books haul but I’ll spare you the books title on another post, enough for you to know that my mum spend me a non fiction books called What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis.

As I began my reading my eyes catch this phrases ‘your worst customer is your best friend’ then all the worst customer, the stressful moment spent with them just pop out into my head. Some of them even with the worst dealing ever, till this time had been our regular customer and unfortunately the rest of them had never appear on our shop or mobile phone anymore.

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