My Massive Tag Answer! Sunshine Blogger Tag + Blue Sky Tag

Hello readers, welcome and first of all,  THIS GONNA BE HUGE, haha, im breaking some rules here about presenting my blogpost. As you may know my usual blogpost have short but cramped with all the lovely stuff I want it to be but this post was actually already cramped with everythig nice! Hahaha. So here it goes, the massive things about myself.

Thanks for my dearest lovely blogger best friend Afifah for nominating me as Sunshine Blogger Award and also Fatina, Farahz and Kaella for tagging me in Blue Sky Tag. I really appreciate that you remember me and here the post that you all being waiting for. Have fun reading my life. Bahahaha *evil laugh*. I’ll make you eat cakes! 

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5 Books I’ve Read That Should Be Labelled 18+


ACOTAR & ACOMAF, Six of Crows Duology, Carry On, The Silkworm & Flawed

I realise I havent completely honest on my review. Okay guys, lets be prompt and kind of serious here. You all must notice that I have huge collection of yummilicious books that I’ve been raving along my post telling people how much I love the plots and the authors. But guys, here’s the ugly truth. I’ve not been telling you the entire true about what that book shall be about. What am trying to say is, if you are the kind of people who are sensitive with some issues then here are the list that you should have known before reading the book that I have recommend.

Note : I am a girl who love to read what others had recommended, and also most of my reference was from other side of the country, so the sensitivity does not been elaborate so much hence I’ve been reading the book without knowing whats its all about (plot hunter does not like the spoiler), but as a dedicated blogger towards all my reader that varies from 15-30 y/o girls then I find the need to address this sensitive issues.  View Full Post “5 Books I’ve Read That Should Be Labelled 18+”

Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Oh hello, its been awhile since I join any segmen, so here’s one from a blogger friend that I know hosting a segment for his blog list. Well Syed, since I’m a bit sleepy but eager to join this segment so please consider my hard work and put me on your blog list now! Okay kidding, here is the ULTIMATE reason on why I should be on your blog list:  View Full Post “Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!”

Dont Expect Me to Speak Well in English

Oh no! Haha, guys, as some of you may know that I just started to blog in english last year and I never regret it.. ever.

1. Most of it because now I actually understand english books or article without depends mostly on my dictionary. Yay! Of course there were also some words that I need to refer online or dictionary, but I just love the way I dont have to worry in jingling back and forth searching the words.

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