3 Things That I Actually Stalk in A Blog

Are you a stalkers? Cause I am. Lols but in a good way I may recap. Why? Because I learn so much by being a stalker, its like learning what actually had been written for you in a very intimate way. Note that most of the content in a blog can be access publicly, as we (the bloggers) opened so much way to let ourselves be known. Hence, my way on how to be intimately learning other blogger life in a easy way – is by stalking.


[pursue or approach stealthily]

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Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Oh hello, its been awhile since I join any segmen, so here’s one from a blogger friend that I know hosting a segment for his blog list. Well Syed, since I’m a bit sleepy but eager to join this segment so please consider my hard work and put me on your blog list now! Okay kidding, here is the ULTIMATE reason on why I should be on your blog list:  View Full Post “Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!”

Reason Why I Keep Coming Back To Blogging

Have you ever feel attached to something that makes you wanna cries and eat cakes for no reason? Well, I do. As weird as it will sound, but yeah it is my blog. I am a very great fan of my blog. DIE HARD FANS. Like checking on it every two hours. Checking the stats and whatsoever they called social sites these days.

I’ve been blogging since 2009. There is a time of ups and downs. I was back then using indie slang, which I made it up, haha, just so someone remember me. I’ll spend like three to four hours of research to be put on my blog. Its exhausting but I love whenever someone left me comments. My feeling was like ‘oh my God they read my far from perfect post’. Those were one of the best things happens in my life. ^^ To have a chance for being part of the blogger community. View Full Post “Reason Why I Keep Coming Back To Blogging”

3 Problems We Solved While Moving From Blogger to WordPress

Hello guys from WordPress, lol. This week was full of surprises actually, moving into WP be like ‘Woah this is new, so let’s just act like we know everything,’ and began to tapping all the coding thingy. We have so much fun discovering (and drolling actually) with all the new stuff and not to mentioned some tiny obstacles. Thats my friend, the purpose of this post*winking*.

I’ve thought that there is no way I can explain all the coding part of this blog (as you know, am more into writing), hence for that very reason I would like to invite Hamzah, as my coding backbone to be my special guest in delivering all the facts on how actually we move into the new ‘world’.

Hamzah is a programmer, now working remotely for KLSandbox . He even writes blog using the html tab (the actual html tab) for fun cause he have this bench mark defining quality of the post from its core (the codes, I mean). As a technologist, he often shares his thought on Blog Budak Geek. You may find his blog full of tech info and coding/programming thingy.

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4 Things To Ponder About Blog When You Running Out of Idea

Yeah I know that every blogger love to have that bombastic post where can drive so much engagement. It was not a crime for doing so in fact it was a habit of any wise blogger to deliver the best to their reader. Just sometimes, thinking too much into delivering a bombastic update can lead you (even me) to procrastination  in updating our blog. Do you reckon this imaginative words ‘I dont have any useful or amazing stuff to deliver to my reader, why on earth I shud update my blog with some pieces of trash?’

Personally, I do have the same problem and I began to dig why do us, as a dedicated blogger sometimes feeling so down when we does not perform well in our blogging life. Etc, no idea what to post about. They were so many reasons why we dont wanna update our blog but lets not forget there are also very strong reason to keep our blog updates (yeah even when you worn out of idea):

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