Book Review of The History of Hilary Hambrushina by Mernie Lamb | Worth The Second Chance For A DNF Book


Publisher : Iguana Books | Author : Marnie Lamb | Goodreads Summary | Genre: Young Adult Contemporary | E book Format got from NetGalley | 193 Pages | English | Rating : ★★★★★

Wait, let me rearrange this words (on my mind) to explain this book that made me rates them 5/5 star.

Well, it has a moral value (checked),

it was real as intimate in real life (checked)

and IT MADE ME CRY AND WANT TO SWALLOW IT (super checked!)

I was actually DNF the book after reading like first 10 chapters because it was too childish and so naive, it does not meet my expectation in curiosity or even thrilling along the way. But then, this one night I was so bored and decide to give this particular book a second chance by reckon on how Mernie writes this book, it was supposed to be a light reading… but then..


The process was just so beautifully twisted and now I love every bit of it!

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Book Review | A Court of Wings & Ruins (ACOWAR) by Sarah J Maas

Author : Sarah J. Maas | Published by Bloomsbury Children Books | English | Paperback | 699 pages | Genre : Yound Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Action | Goodreads Summary | Rating : ★★★★★

Its really been awhile since my last book review and now to literally writing this make me a lil bit nervous. The book series that I’ve been raving and fangirling a lot with Fatina (only she does not read it yet..) hehe. So, I received my copy of ACOWAR from Bookaliciousmy Instagram and look on how gorgeous this book’s cover was!

“Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be cages”

ACOWAR was the third book from ACOTAR & ACOMAF series. I’ve been waiting this series like forever from last year and Alhamdulillah I have read and witness the powerful choice of words from SJM her self, the naughty, talented author. Thank you for a very wonderful mouth drolling books.

As a fan of plot twisting books therefore I announce that this post gonna be a non spoiler review. Feel free to read this till the end with guilty free.

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Book Review | Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Remember, it’s only a game.


I have so much fun reading this book, well Eyqa, stating only by ‘fun’ does not make they trust your judgment towards the book, you need to define how actually fun is fun.

So, readers, I think I’m gonna make you buy this book.  And yeah, this was a spoiler free so do not hesitate to scroll down. I got you back plot twist hunter. *double winking* View Full Post “Book Review | Caraval by Stephanie Garber”

Book Review | Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Buckle up guys cause this gonna be a serious book review. Its always start with love at first sight, those bright things hanging on the books shelves, the sudden changes of preference colour (must be the hormones thingy), but I found myself bought this book because I tot it was full of magic. 
IT WAS. and of course, surprises! and maybe lots of snogging (too). This was my first attempt experience Rainbow Rowell writing, so lets have fun with it. ^^
Happily to inform that this review are spoiler free so do not hesitate to read more.  😘

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Mini Book Review | The Girl With All The Gift & Aristokra Kronika Nashan

The Girl With All The Gift by M.R Carey

Published by Orbit, Paperback, 460 pages, English
Genre : Horror, Science, Post Apocalypse

I just cant stand how eager I am to unfold every pages. At time where I feel ‘okay, im finished of reading, I must stop’ but then you realize there’s gonna be another 3-7 pages before the next chapter so you be like ‘well… maybe just another pages’.
This book was so addicting and very seducing.

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