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Its been a while I did not stretch my mind on bookish thingy. Yeah lately I’ve been in a deep dilemma whether to push myself on ficts or nonficts books. Why? Cause I felt that I’ve been lacking in skills and reading a novel does not bring me anywhere, its a really sucks perspective right? Arghh.

But then, lets enjoy the luxury of being a reader on this 2017. Thank you Rasya for tagging me, as a #teamlazyblogger hence I should continue the legacy of my team. I present to you, my lazy answer. (Please dont lol cos I lol ). View Full Post “Would You Rather Book Tag”

Book Review | The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

This is my first horror-ghost-like novel of 2017! Yeayy! And guys oh guys, it was freaking awesome! I love how it end, how the cultures had been portraits and most of all I love how it achieve my expectation level.

Published by William Morrow (2013) | Author : Yangsze Choo | English | Paperback (368pgs) | Genre : Culture, Paranormal Journey, History, Romance | Goodreads Summary 

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Book Review | The Muse by Jessie Burton

I’m out of words in reviewing this book, its not that this book does not caught my attention, but how good it left me wordless. I’ve been thinking to come back later after I found the right words to explain but I’m afraid that I’ll be forgetting how its actually make me feel, so this was written scratch from deep of my heart.

It was not entirely unease feeling or even satisfying, its kinda mix of both, floating on its very own space. The only group of words that I can give towards this book is how intimate and gripping story it have in features.

Publisher : Picador | Author : Jessie Burton | English | 464 Pages, Paperback | Genre : Hystorical, Fiction, Mystery

Rating : ★★★★☆

First Impression

I’ve been eyeing this book since it had been published. Not only because how lovely the cover is but how actually the summary was written. I’ve been locked into this book by the word ‘When a lost masterpiece arrives at the gallery.’. Its like reading mystery from some parts of history. This book is delicious in every chapter. View Full Post “Book Review | The Muse by Jessie Burton”

Obsessed With Books

I’m obsessed with books. Yeah. Everytime I visit bookstore, I’ll bought at least one book. Tapi membaca dia, hurmm payah betul. *poker face. Not that kind of novel genre cinta, but mostly about thriller and how to improve self esteem kind of book.

But why? Why do I brought so much book but don’t have the will to finish reading it?

Well today, I found the reason why. This evening, me re~watch one movie from the past where I missed the beginning slots of the movies (ahh the real reason why I watch it back) entitled Pan’s Labyrinth. Do you ever watch it? Meheheh.

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The Month of My Reading Slump

Hello there, have a nice day my fellow readers. First, lemme check my Goodreads report for this month. Oh uh, nope. I dont have any read books. Ha ha ha. So whats up with me? The so called book blogger do not read anything – here the catch – I’m basically on a book holiday. Lols. Its mean reading slump. But…

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