My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram

Ahh, Instagram, that what youngster fave on this era, and that my friend, am actually speaking of me.

How am I gonna start this? Well it is best to start with the picture itself, I mean video.

Terus paha sakit. 😂😂😂 #jk1mputatan #juaragym #sunduvancombat #bootcamp

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When was this all begin.. let see.

This week (9/10/17) is the fifth week of JK1M (Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia) that I joined. Actually it was a last minute decision (before Raya Haji). The story starts when I cant get my kuroong that I bought for Eid Fitr fit in my body although its already Eid Adha? Dang! I need to be healthy and fit cause I know losing so much weight is unhealthy. That is why I decide on that spot to join any JK1M nearby.

It’s Kevin Zahri!

I used to join JK1M 7 before in different district, I just lose like 3kg. Lols. Its not much right, but actually this previous experience urge me to come back in a lot more big effort especially in learning the best way towards a healthier life. The real deal here is how eat and get fit in a lot more healthier way, losing weight is what come after a proper meal.  View Full Post “My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram”

I Deactivated My Twitter & I Watched IT Two Times!

I was thinking to put a more catchy title like ‘7 Reason Why I Deactivate My Twitter’ etc but since I will be bragging so much about myself in this post so lets for once, put aside the so-called catchy headline.

So this thing just happen so quickly and I actually cant believe how much easier my life going on without a Twitter. Okay I need to admit several bad habits about me and twitter like I’ve been spending too much time on it, hoping that any updated news pop out so fast.

But the thing was, it does not, it consumes so much of my daily routine that I feel like I didnt have a chance to communicate to other people who actually sat in front of me. Oh my this actually make me feel so bad and disappointing with myself. Hence I made a decision that I had visually discussed in my head (between me and my consciousness of course) that I need to minimize my time on socmed.

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The Worst Customer is Your Best Friends

Sometimes in the middle of pressure people do bad decision.

Its the fourth day of Ramadhan and thanks to our head of organization announcing four day holiday till 30 of May. So I am at my own home enjoy my leisure time with books.

Yesterday I manage myself with a yummilicious books haul but I’ll spare you the books title on another post, enough for you to know that my mum spend me a non fiction books called What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis.

As I began my reading my eyes catch this phrases ‘your worst customer is your best friend’ then all the worst customer, the stressful moment spent with them just pop out into my head. Some of them even with the worst dealing ever, till this time had been our regular customer and unfortunately the rest of them had never appear on our shop or mobile phone anymore.

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Of Leadership

Perfect – Cecelia Ahern

A moment of doubt.

Its been the fifth month of the year that I barely manage my team member. Its been an exhausting experience and it was so much differ in being just a manager and the executive director myself. – Just consider me a newly pointed High Lady of The Business Court. Haha.

I learn so much, but none of it were the key changing. Problem still unsolved by the theory I write. 

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