So Far on My December

I know I had been on a hiatus quite some times now, that is because Alhamdulillah I have gone to visit Madinah & Mecca couple weeks ago. Alhamdulillah it was a fruitful journey (I’m thinking of extracting a post about it later on and sooner I hope).

For now, I’ll just throw my creativity away as I really longing for writing in my own blog. Alhamdulillah I have receive actually quite some wonderful news while outstation. View Full Post “So Far on My December”

Coffee Talk : I Can Choose Who I Want To Be

I rarely have this thought but who else here get so busy with their life and often takes the time for ourselves for granted.

Most people think that being alone was being away from humans and gadgets, but surprisingly this are the time when you have so many ideas you want to throw it out all at once. This is happening to me right now.

As I sat on Starbuck reading my weekly book to read (currently : Someone’s in My Head by Steven Steel) a Wattpad debut writer.

Then I thought for myself…

I actually had been dnf (did not finish and didnt want to continue) this book after reading ACOWAR. Funny how our brain cant switch quickly between a book. I used to feel that this book will not bring the hype compared to ACOWAR. Pfft how cheap my thinking at that time.

So, I remember those time I discover who Anna Lee used to be..

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My Make Up Essential (Level : Beginner)

Hey guys, I know lot of you missing the way im raving on my blog, but since do not have much books to read lately and I hate to see my blog empty, lets for awhile, having some girly stuff on this pretty blog (eh? :P).

I’m a simple girl, the kind of girl who does not want to left out with this ‘basic’ stuff. We are not getting younger my dear friend, and it is quite essential to take care of our skin and also our appearance as people always judge, and it cant be help. Its our noble duty to make sure they judge us rightly, and in this term, the appearance of our face.

Since im gonna post about makeover (arent we talking bout makeup routine? Hmm, whatever), lets dig out a lil bit history on how improper I am before. I always come to work in a pale face, naked face with dry skin and my faces full of blackhead. That kind of ‘err, are you a living dead?’kind of impression that I usually get – or the thing that I usually think I get.

It was not just how people look at us but how we look at ourselves, with dry skins etc, I need to take care of myself, besides, there is no on can really take care ourselves besides our own.

So I began to experiment with some of my friend recommendation, I watch You Tube, research a bit and so far this is what my basic wear to improve the condition of my pale face (I have a pale skin btw, and yeah im look like a zombie especially when I just woke up in the morning – minus the skin scrapping).

After applying some basic skincare, toner and etc. First of all lets start with the face.. View Full Post “My Make Up Essential (Level : Beginner)”

My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram

Ahh, Instagram, that what youngster fave on this era, and that my friend, am actually speaking of me.

How am I gonna start this? Well it is best to start with the picture itself, I mean video.

Terus paha sakit. 😂😂😂 #jk1mputatan #juaragym #sunduvancombat #bootcamp

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When was this all begin.. let see.

This week (9/10/17) is the fifth week of JK1M (Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia) that I joined. Actually it was a last minute decision (before Raya Haji). The story starts when I cant get my kuroong that I bought for Eid Fitr fit in my body although its already Eid Adha? Dang! I need to be healthy and fit cause I know losing so much weight is unhealthy. That is why I decide on that spot to join any JK1M nearby.

It’s Kevin Zahri!

I used to join JK1M 7 before in different district, I just lose like 3kg. Lols. Its not much right, but actually this previous experience urge me to come back in a lot more big effort especially in learning the best way towards a healthier life. The real deal here is how eat and get fit in a lot more healthier way, losing weight is what come after a proper meal.  View Full Post “My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram”