The Worst Customer is Your Best Friends

Sometimes in the middle of pressure people do bad decision.

Its the fourth day of Ramadhan and thanks to our head of organization announcing four day holiday till 30 of May. So I am at my own home enjoy my leisure time with books.

Yesterday I manage myself with a yummilicious books haul but I’ll spare you the books title on another post, enough for you to know that my mum spend me a non fiction books called What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis.

As I began my reading my eyes catch this phrases ‘your worst customer is your best friend’ then all the worst customer, the stressful moment spent with them just pop out into my head. Some of them even with the worst dealing ever, till this time had been our regular customer and unfortunately the rest of them had never appear on our shop or mobile phone anymore.

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Of Leadership

Perfect – Cecelia Ahern

A moment of doubt.

Its been the fifth month of the year that I barely manage my team member. Its been an exhausting experience and it was so much differ in being just a manager and the executive director myself. – Just consider me a newly pointed High Lady of The Business Court. Haha.

I learn so much, but none of it were the key changing. Problem still unsolved by the theory I write. 

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Dont Expect Me to Speak Well in English

Oh no! Haha, guys, as some of you may know that I just started to blog in english last year and I never regret it.. ever.

1. Most of it because now I actually understand english books or article without depends mostly on my dictionary. Yay! Of course there were also some words that I need to refer online or dictionary, but I just love the way I dont have to worry in jingling back and forth searching the words.

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Of Forgetness

May you have a wonderful weekend of course. Its been so long since my last nagging day yet after all I’m glad this week is full of positive vibes because who wants a negative ugly day?


I’ve been pre ordering ACOWAR & also Harry Potter 1 Special Edition from BookaliciousMY, I’ll receive my order on May actually. That will sum up my most anticipate book to read for April and May gonna be:

Surprisingly said I do not have new book in hand until May cause it was all pre order and my anticipate book does not available yet on the stores, this actually save me some money for myself. Sometimes its hard to face you are broke because of books.  View Full Post “Of Forgetness”