One Week Raya Holiday Wrap Up

Ouch, its the fourth day since my last raya holiday passed but I just want to froze the moment by of course jotting it all in here. Muahahaha.  Lets wrap up how my holiday be like.


Me and my dad fiercely surveying any furniture and home accessories for my new house. Sadly we cant move yet because the renovation still taking place and there are no electricity & water been applied yet.

I wish I can have this, but look at the price. :3

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My Massive Tag Answer! Sunshine Blogger Tag + Blue Sky Tag

Hello readers, welcome and first of all,  THIS GONNA BE HUGE, haha, im breaking some rules here about presenting my blogpost. As you may know my usual blogpost have short but cramped with all the lovely stuff I want it to be but this post was actually already cramped with everythig nice! Hahaha. So here it goes, the massive things about myself.

Thanks for my dearest lovely blogger best friend Afifah for nominating me as Sunshine Blogger Award and also Fatina, Farahz and Kaella for tagging me in Blue Sky Tag. I really appreciate that you remember me and here the post that you all being waiting for. Have fun reading my life. Bahahaha *evil laugh*. I’ll make you eat cakes! 

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