7 Things I Learn From Our Leader & Customer Services Staff Retreat

May you all have a well day. As far that I remember for the past months, our company had been occupied with courses planned especially for the staff. In that case, I would like to share some of the important notes that I’ve gained from the sessions.

We have invite two special guest for our two event, first is about Leadership where we are targeting our branch manager and the second is Customer Services Traing when we are targeting all of our branches team. We conducting the CST in general as not all of our team from the CS sector, but we invite them over also to get the familiar view on how to handle customer.

For Leadership, we invite En Jubair Juhinin as the founder of Arnab Village Ranau to share some of the value that every leader should have.

En Jubair Juhinin sharing session about Leadership

We also invite Teacher Irme Hazianly Yusop as Marketing Manager for Kak Kiah Cake & Coffee House to share about how to handle your customer effectively.

Teacher Irme sharing about knowing your potential will actually help a lot in determine which position you’re most comfortable with

So then lets have a journey of mind on what have I gain from the courses.

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The Worst Customer is Your Best Friends

Sometimes in the middle of pressure people do bad decision.

Its the fourth day of Ramadhan and thanks to our head of organization announcing four day holiday till 30 of May. So I am at my own home enjoy my leisure time with books.

Yesterday I manage myself with a yummilicious books haul but I’ll spare you the books title on another post, enough for you to know that my mum spend me a non fiction books called What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis.

As I began my reading my eyes catch this phrases ‘your worst customer is your best friend’ then all the worst customer, the stressful moment spent with them just pop out into my head. Some of them even with the worst dealing ever, till this time had been our regular customer and unfortunately the rest of them had never appear on our shop or mobile phone anymore.

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