Your Guide To Get A Free E Book Copies From Net Galley | How I Get My First E Book Copy?

Hello guys, have a wonderful day especially in this Ramadhan Kareem. As im strolling my blog to gather new blogpost ideas then my eyes stopped on the words NetGalley, why not to publish a post about it right?

My first experience with this kind of thing were resulted from hanging out on Fatina’s blog and also discovered afterwards that Rasya’s blog also have the same Net Galley button. So I search for the netgalley thingy and gosh as a book lover I feel like yeah this is what we are made for! Reviewing and influencing other on reading more books – this thing is my thing right?

Love at the first sight

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3 Things That I Actually Stalk in A Blog

Are you a stalkers? Cause I am. Lols but in a good way I may recap. Why? Because I learn so much by being a stalker, its like learning what actually had been written for you in a very intimate way. Note that most of the content in a blog can be access publicly, as we (the bloggers) opened so much way to let ourselves be known. Hence, my way on how to be intimately learning other blogger life in a easy way – is by stalking.


[pursue or approach stealthily]

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Of Leadership

Perfect – Cecelia Ahern

A moment of doubt.

Its been the fifth month of the year that I barely manage my team member. Its been an exhausting experience and it was so much differ in being just a manager and the executive director myself. – Just consider me a newly pointed High Lady of The Business Court. Haha.

I learn so much, but none of it were the key changing. Problem still unsolved by the theory I write. 

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Book Review | A Court of Wings & Ruins (ACOWAR) by Sarah J Maas

Author : Sarah J. Maas | Published by Bloomsbury Children Books | English | Paperback | 699 pages | Genre : Yound Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Action | Goodreads Summary | Rating : ★★★★★

Its really been awhile since my last book review and now to literally writing this make me a lil bit nervous. The book series that I’ve been raving and fangirling a lot with Fatina (only she does not read it yet..) hehe. So, I received my copy of ACOWAR from Bookaliciousmy Instagram and look on how gorgeous this book’s cover was!

“Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be cages”

ACOWAR was the third book from ACOTAR & ACOMAF series. I’ve been waiting this series like forever from last year and Alhamdulillah I have read and witness the powerful choice of words from SJM her self, the naughty, talented author. Thank you for a very wonderful mouth drolling books.

As a fan of plot twisting books therefore I announce that this post gonna be a non spoiler review. Feel free to read this till the end with guilty free.

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My Massive Tag Answer! Sunshine Blogger Tag + Blue Sky Tag

Hello readers, welcome and first of all,  THIS GONNA BE HUGE, haha, im breaking some rules here about presenting my blogpost. As you may know my usual blogpost have short but cramped with all the lovely stuff I want it to be but this post was actually already cramped with everythig nice! Hahaha. So here it goes, the massive things about myself.

Thanks for my dearest lovely blogger best friend Afifah for nominating me as Sunshine Blogger Award and also Fatina, Farahz and Kaella for tagging me in Blue Sky Tag. I really appreciate that you remember me and here the post that you all being waiting for. Have fun reading my life. Bahahaha *evil laugh*. I’ll make you eat cakes! 

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