October Haul Book Review | 21 Tips Wise Posting in Soc Med & H.A.K Hanya Ada Kematian

Its been awhile isnt it? Well, I’ve been working this post quite so much lately (in my mind) lols. Alhamdulillah I know I’ve been slumping so much but hey here I am. Okay that was awkward but lets put aside the fuss and go straight to the point. You have been in a Book Review Haul before? Well this is the first then we are on the same boat, it was my first book review haul too!

I’m thinking to put it in a more compressed way like that mini book review, but ups, I have so much to say and so very the lazy to cut the words out. So dear, bear with me pleasee.

The Teen’s Guide to Social Media…& Mobile Devices. 21 Tips to Wise Posting in an Insecure World by Jonathan McKee

Published by Shiloh Run Press | Author : Jonathan McKee | English, E-copy | Non Fiction, Social Media Guide, Self Enrichment | Ratings : ★★★★★

I picked this book cause I was totally aware on how nowadays tech consumes most of my socialization between people. This book really expresses my concern especially towards myself and how my future children gonna be, How can they survive in the real world if they have a mom who is attached to the devices all the time. And this thought makes me sad.

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4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life But I’ll Tell You Anyway

Have you ever have this inner thought but it was just too dumb to tell people about it because you feel you gonna be the dumbest person ever exist in the world? I constantly feels that but if today is the dumbest day ever, I would like to be dumbest as well, just for fun and relaxing my mind a bit from all the hustle bustle of daily work.

4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life but I’ll tell you anyway

1. I respect those blogger who loves their reader. I meant its was not always about clicking nuffnang or pay their reader a visit. but to acknowledge their present and always support each other entries.

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My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram

Ahh, Instagram, that what youngster fave on this era, and that my friend, am actually speaking of me.

How am I gonna start this? Well it is best to start with the picture itself, I mean video.

Terus paha sakit. 😂😂😂 #jk1mputatan #juaragym #sunduvancombat #bootcamp

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When was this all begin.. let see.

This week (9/10/17) is the fifth week of JK1M (Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia) that I joined. Actually it was a last minute decision (before Raya Haji). The story starts when I cant get my kuroong that I bought for Eid Fitr fit in my body although its already Eid Adha? Dang! I need to be healthy and fit cause I know losing so much weight is unhealthy. That is why I decide on that spot to join any JK1M nearby.

It’s Kevin Zahri!

I used to join JK1M 7 before in different district, I just lose like 3kg. Lols. Its not much right, but actually this previous experience urge me to come back in a lot more big effort especially in learning the best way towards a healthier life. The real deal here is how eat and get fit in a lot more healthier way, losing weight is what come after a proper meal.  View Full Post “My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram”

Book Review | Little One by Timothy G

There is nothing can beat a ghost story and this one my friend had it own vibes. I get an e-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Author : Timothy G. Huguenin | Published by Unknown | Genre : Horror, mystery, thriller, paranormal | 168 pages (epub version) | English


Death is cold.

Kelsea Stone can’t remember her childhood, and frankly, she doesn’t really care. She’s doing fine on her own in L.A. without any family to tie her down. But when she finds out her estranged birth parents have died and left her their house in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, she discovers more than just an inheritance waiting for her in the mountains. An angry presence lingers there, and it won’t rest until it has had its revenge.

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