Of Forgetness

May you have a wonderful weekend of course. Its been so long since my last nagging day yet after all I’m glad this week is full of positive vibes because who wants a negative ugly day?


I’ve been pre ordering ACOWAR & also Harry Potter 1 Special Edition from BookaliciousMY, I’ll receive my order on May actually. That will sum up my most anticipate book to read for April and May gonna be:

Surprisingly said I do not have new book in hand until May cause it was all pre order and my anticipate book does not available yet on the stores, this actually save me some money for myself. Sometimes its hard to face you are broke because of books. 

I’ve got the chance yesterday to scramble back my book storage only to find my old books. So I’m reaching for hardcover books by readers digest. Its consist some of Lee Child writings then why not? Its gonna be Jack Reacher again. The book I kept was actually comes with three bookmark too, basically I feel I’ve got a gift from myself to myself.


I barely have time to enjoy show but I have this new obsession about an original episode aired on HBO every 10pm, Sunday. Called :

I love the slow paced thingy about horror. Its kind of XXXholic anime, where its a horror genre episode but still have that moral value worth to learn.


Im getting the mood on getting fit again, so I was like running in my cycling machine around 15-20mins a day. I hope to see all the paid off on this Raya. Its like two months away, if I wanna get fit I better start now. Wish me luck. 😀


I have nothing to fear actually as my business have their own manager, what I need to focus is how to climb to the next level that I didnt have any experience tho. Like opening a new branch, trains a new people, networking etc. Its hard to change from a place that I already comfortable at. But changes is crucial well due to the economic thingy, and also for the society.

Thats all for now, what are you doing on weekend?