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Its been a while I did not stretch my mind on bookish thingy. Yeah lately I’ve been in a deep dilemma whether to push myself on ficts or nonficts books. Why? Cause I felt that I’ve been lacking in skills and reading a novel does not bring me anywhere, its a really sucks perspective right? Arghh.

But then, lets enjoy the luxury of being a reader on this 2017. Thank you Rasya for tagging me, as a #teamlazyblogger hence I should continue the legacy of my team. I present to you, my lazy answer. (Please dont lol cos I lol ). View Full Post “Would You Rather Book Tag”

Previously on Eyqa’s Life

Have you seen Once Upon A Time? Cause the title was inspired by their initial sneak peek on the intro. 😀

Yay, although the Raya’s holiday had been way too far in the past but the Raya’s vibes was still around the corner. The spirit of raya still awaken even in your crowded working day. Hujung minggu kan ada. Lols.

Last  two weekends me and my dad bought my grandpa and my cuzzy to a holiday trip. Of course there are not much choices available other than going to Kundasang itself. Therefore, lets the picture tell how it goes:

7 July 2017, Friday (Desa Cattle, Kundasang)

Shoot with Sony A6000

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Book Review | The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

This is my first horror-ghost-like novel of 2017! Yeayy! And guys oh guys, it was freaking awesome! I love how it end, how the cultures had been portraits and most of all I love how it achieve my expectation level.

Published by William Morrow (2013) | Author : Yangsze Choo | English | Paperback (368pgs) | Genre : Culture, Paranormal Journey, History, Romance | Goodreads Summary 

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