Shadow Play

Book Review | Shadow Play by Barbara Ismail

The first things comes to my mind by reading the blurb is, will this makcik get what it takes to step up? Well, thinking back that this event take place on 1970’s, where internet are still alien things to them, the only useful source of information to them is the neighboorhood. If a police from Johor just posted into an unfamiliar place and had troubled to understand the local dialect and someone in the form of a motherly figure offer…

3 Books That Help to Heal Through Hard Times

I always wanted to tell a story and I do enjoy reading some zero to hero story because it always left us with rays of hope. And nonfiction always is my slow reading materials, I got this book like a few months back and at my hard time, this book was actually lifting whatever hopes left inside me. Let me show you some of the powerful words :

Book Review : The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

I always looked up onto Choo’s writing about strong girl character, you may read my review on her first book (The Ghost Bride – here), did you know it will be 6 episodes adaptation of this novel coming on Netflix this year? Im all head over hills into it. Back to this review, you sees, as a woman/girl we do have many limitations as fragile as we are. But deep inside, there always something blossoming about being a girl, and…