Book Review ft Fatina | A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Hello gais, have a nice day of course, so this is my first collaboration blog post and of course its gonna be about books. Hehe, remember that book I’ve been underestimated? I mentioned it here, and turn out that unlucky book was A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray.
Publisher : Harper Teen | Author : Claudia Gray | English | 360 Pages | Goodreads | Genre : Sci fi, Romance, Young Adult
After read this book im actually fall in love with her writing style and how she deliver the story, but im kinda bored reviewing books alone. So today im inviting my blog blogger friends forever (bbff) Fatina along to do the book review thingy since she have a very clear perspective towards a book and also she read the same book on the same time with me.
Frankly, how this post gonna be I’ll interview her opinion regarding the book and of course we are gonna fangirling about it together. Hehe.
Fatina is a well known book blogger among us, she love cats, have a keen lifestyle writing and also a fangirl of ACOMAF just like me. She blogs on Fatina Mdzfr.

Here’s from Fatina herself,

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8 Things That I Cant Forget The Most About Guangzhou, China

We are just came back from Ghuangzhou China, a travel agency named Al Quds Travel manage it for us. And in Guangzhou we have tour Guide who can speak Indonesian called Ah Yew. So then, the journey begin.

Thats my dad, he’ll guide you along the picture.

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My Vacation’s Eve

Hello guys, this night gonna be my first day of vacation to Guangzhou, China! Believe it or not, I haven’t do any research till now cause only Allah know how super hectic my daily life be like. After rushing home I could just clean myself and take my beauty sleep. Say dull life whatever I don’t care as long you know the happy pill when it comes to super exhausted human – sleep! View Full Post “My Vacation’s Eve”

Book Review | Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Remember, it’s only a game.


I have so much fun reading this book, well Eyqa, stating only by ‘fun’ does not make they trust your judgment towards the book, you need to define how actually fun is fun.

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3 Problems We Solved While Moving From Blogger to WordPress

Hello guys from WordPress, lol. This week was full of surprises actually, moving into WP be like ‘Woah this is new, so let’s just act like we know everything,’ and began to tapping all the coding thingy. We have so much fun discovering (and drolling actually) with all the new stuff and not to mentioned some tiny obstacles. Thats my friend, the purpose of this post*winking*.

I’ve thought that there is no way I can explain all the coding part of this blog (as you know, am more into writing), hence for that very reason I would like to invite Hamzah, as my coding backbone to be my special guest in delivering all the facts on how actually we move into the new ‘world’.

Hamzah is a programmer, now working remotely for KLSandbox . He even writes blog using the html tab (the actual html tab) for fun cause he have this bench mark defining quality of the post from its core (the codes, I mean). As a technologist, he often shares his thought on Blog Budak Geek. You may find his blog full of tech info and coding/programming thingy.

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