3 Kind of Book Plot Theme Thats Gonna Be Your Next Obsession

Every person have their own preference when it comes to book. Some are very strict in picking their reading material and the rest will just go with the flow. Some books can be a very delightful reading while others can bring so much disappointment.

I also, happen to be a little bit picky when it comes to book, we all want that ‘happy ending’ right? But that is my friend, the fascinating truth about book, the story can be uncover only and only if you read the book itself. Full of surprises isnt it? How exciting :3

Some plot can be so predictable, but the true heroes here is always the unpredictable. The one that can glued you down all night burning the curiosity out of your mind, screaming inside out ‘I want more of this!’, you are addicted, you are obsessed, and that is where you have finally found the book of your live. Ever wonder why you are not a bookworm yet? Thats right, you havent found the right book that can be taunt with.

I have experience certain kind of books and some of it were really remarkable in term of plots construction, they deserve all the shout out for the writings and emotion that had been pour inside. So then, let see which of this book plot types will fall into your own cup of tea;

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The Most Relaxing Storyline Games for Mobile

Playing Mobile Legend non stop can drain so much energy to both of your mental and physical exhaustion, that is what happening to me. Sigh. As my laptop doesnt really support video games I must turn into the most easiest and portable substitute which is my phone.

I miss playing all the video games with all their good story line, so then I began to search on Google Playstore anything that match what Im craving for. Hence, I found this one light games about how a Grandma handling a mini restaurant because her husband got sick, along with her dedication & struggle to the restaurant she met many people who have their own history background.

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Last Week Recap | Hercule Poirot & The Tragic Incident

Last week was a super busy week ever but among the busiest week I found what I should cherish with. I may say it was a fruitful week and a wonderful one too.

Watching Murder on The Orient Express

I love mystery solving movies and this was a daboom. I dont expect the twist and it was a very sad twist, why they planned and did that was so touching. I almost cry but I didnt, I just rewatch the movies like three times already. Just to have the Sherlock vibes. Only it was Poirot.

My rating : 4.5/5

A Tragic Incident

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7 Things I Learn From Our Leader & Customer Services Staff Retreat

May you all have a well day. As far that I remember for the past months, our company had been occupied with courses planned especially for the staff. In that case, I would like to share some of the important notes that I’ve gained from the sessions.

We have invite two special guest for our two event, first is about Leadership where we are targeting our branch manager and the second is Customer Services Traing when we are targeting all of our branches team. We conducting the CST in general as not all of our team from the CS sector, but we invite them over also to get the familiar view on how to handle customer.

For Leadership, we invite En Jubair Juhinin as the founder of Arnab Village Ranau to share some of the value that every leader should have.

En Jubair Juhinin sharing session about Leadership

We also invite Teacher Irme Hazianly Yusop as Marketing Manager for Kak Kiah Cake & Coffee House to share about how to handle your customer effectively.

Teacher Irme sharing about knowing your potential will actually help a lot in determine which position you’re most comfortable with

So then lets have a journey of mind on what have I gain from the courses.

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My Top 5 Favourite Books That I Read on 2017

Come on, reading is life, it makes you feel like you were another person only on a different time and different places. The most exciting part is, how far the book can effects your perspective and life. Some people say, you are not a book lover unless you’ve found the right book.

Anyway, 2017 have passed and albeit I didnt achieve my yearly book to read challenge (settled with 87/100 books) but that does not meant I havent found some books that I actually treasure. I would love more than the world to share my fave with you, hoping that one day you may find the same pleasure and satisfying read as I did – yeah my truly attempt is to convert you all into a book lover. 😛

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