Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Oh hello, its been awhile since I join any segmen, so here’s one from a blogger friend that I know hosting a segment for his blog list. Well Syed, since I’m a bit sleepy but eager to join this segment so please consider my hard work and put me on your blog list now! Okay kidding, here is the ULTIMATE reason on why I should be on your blog list:  View Full Post “Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!”

Dont Expect Me to Speak Well in English

Oh no! Haha, guys, as some of you may know that I just started to blog in english last year and I never regret it.. ever.

1. Most of it because now I actually understand english books or article without depends mostly on my dictionary. Yay! Of course there were also some words that I need to refer online or dictionary, but I just love the way I dont have to worry in jingling back and forth searching the words.

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Of Forgetness

May you have a wonderful weekend of course. Its been so long since my last nagging day yet after all I’m glad this week is full of positive vibes because who wants a negative ugly day?


I’ve been pre ordering ACOWAR & also Harry Potter 1 Special Edition from BookaliciousMY, I’ll receive my order on May actually. That will sum up my most anticipate book to read for April and May gonna be:

Surprisingly said I do not have new book in hand until May cause it was all pre order and my anticipate book does not available yet on the stores, this actually save me some money for myself. Sometimes its hard to face you are broke because of books.  View Full Post “Of Forgetness”

Book Review of Flawed by Cecelia Ahern | I Scream NO Almost On Every Chapters End

This are the time that I am very exhausted but I have this mingling words playing in my head screaming ‘Let Me Out!’ so desperately. So here you go, a honest and non spoiler review for one of the most emotional book I ever read. Heart ripping story most told.. ever. 

But I can understand now why people read, why they like to get lost in somebody else’s life. Sometimes I’ll read a sentence and it will make me sit up, jolt me, because it is something that I recently felt but never said out loud.

First Impression & Summary

I never had an Ahern book before so I dive in for the try and turn out that I’ll never regret myself from reading this book. Bought it because of the pink colour of course since I have so many black book cover and never had a pink.

by Cecelia Ahern, Published by Harper Collins, 402 Pages, English, Genre : Young Adult, Sci Fi, Goodreads

Celestine having a perfect life – she aid a Flawed old man – being branded Flawed – survive as a Flawed. Pretty simple plot huh? No, Im wrong, there is so much more. View Full Post “Book Review of Flawed by Cecelia Ahern | I Scream NO Almost On Every Chapters End”

Reason Why I Keep Coming Back To Blogging

Have you ever feel attached to something that makes you wanna cries and eat cakes for no reason? Well, I do. As weird as it will sound, but yeah it is my blog. I am a very great fan of my blog. DIE HARD FANS. Like checking on it every two hours. Checking the stats and whatsoever they called social sites these days.

I’ve been blogging since 2009. There is a time of ups and downs. I was back then using indie slang, which I made it up, haha, just so someone remember me. I’ll spend like three to four hours of research to be put on my blog. Its exhausting but I love whenever someone left me comments. My feeling was like ‘oh my God they read my far from perfect post’. Those were one of the best things happens in my life. ^^ To have a chance for being part of the blogger community. View Full Post “Reason Why I Keep Coming Back To Blogging”